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Monday, April 2, 2012


How to Hack a facebook Account

I am back with the HOTTEST Topic "How to hack a facebook account?" So, in this post, I will explain you the way how to get an unauthorized access over a facebook account by phishing.
To get a brief info on Various Methods of Hacking Email Account, refer

Many of you might know about this way but this is for those who are unable to get through phishing. This way of hacking an account, according to me, is the easiest but at some steps, you need to be tricky. So that might be a stage of tense but we’ll get through it.

Brief info on Phishing – Phishing is a way of hacking an account like yahoo, gmail, facebook, ibibo, paypal, and many more with the help of fake login pages of that particular account. So, when a user opens this fake page, it doesn’t look like, that it’s not an original page. And when he enters his info and hits submit or login, while it depends on the site. Then the info is sent to your web host account. Here, web host account helps you to upload your fake pages over the server and saves a copy of the saved password of your target.

More info - http://www.ziddu.com/download/16990216/PhishingInfo.txt.html

Now let’s begin –

Here, I have uploaded the fake pages over my file hosting account and you just need to download and upload to your web hosting site. Just follow the steps below –

1. Download the facebook phishing pages from here,

For phishing pages for yahoo, gmail, eBay, ibibo, paypal, and more, just mention it in the comments. I will add links for those too.
2. Then extract the files and upload (.html and .php) files to your web hosting account.

Some Web Hosting sites –
You can select any of the above.

3. Copy the link of your uploaded .html file. And many of them are aware of the way of hacking with Phishing, so it’s better that you mask the link and get it in front of your target.
For masking the URL (link of your .html file), Just go to –
(You masked URL will look like, http://tinyurl.com/C8hnd2

4. Now, in this step, you need to be tricky as I said first. As you need to send your masked URL (http://tinyurl.com/C8hnd2) to your target. So that he can open that page and login through it.
5. But you have to send him the link like, asking him to watch the photos of limelight of say, Dance India Dance or Survival. While it totally depends on the way you send him the link. Just keep one thing in mind that just go for the things he/she likes.

6. And when he enter his login info and enter login, you will get the saved password in your web hosting account.

That’s it!!!

You have the password of your victim’s facebook account.
If you didn’t understood ant step, then feel free to write it in the comments below. And please let us know about your feedback.

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